Types of Wireless Service

Cactus is the area's oldest wireless Internet service provider.  We offer several standard "packages" but we also provide custom services to many businesses and apartment complexes, so if you have special needs, call us at (208) 883-5500.

Our 5 GHz MIMO Wireless is the newest and greatest.  This service makes possible speeds that rival fiber-to-the-home connections in many large cities, provides TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) to insure you always get a time-slice during adverse conditions, and much more.  It also has higher speeds at greater ranges than other 5 GHz wireless systems making it the system of choice for rural subscribers.

A great advantage for business subscribers is our high upload capability.  Wired Internet services such as ADSL and cable traditionally offer much smaller upload speeds than download.  This is fine for most consumers, but if a business wants an off-site server or a really quick backup service, a larger upload is critical.  Like fiber connections, high-speed wireless can offer this option.

The main advantage of our 5 GHz MIMO Wireless is its extreme speed and distance capabilities.  We have actually measured total throughput on one connection at over 156 Mbps making it far faster than any DSL or Cable connection to the Internet.  The radios use the 802.11n protocol (similar to WiMax, but legal in the US) using what is called 2x2 chaining to achieve this incredible speed.  This is truly cutting edge technology.

While this may not seem intuitive, it is not possible to see the full speed of these radios from a single download such as a speed test site.  Instead, to see the full speed, you must download from several Internet sites simultaneously. For this reason, MIMO radios are exceptionally good for businesses with several employees, homes with multiple computers and as backhauls from apartment complexes.  MIMO is short for Multiple In Multiple Out.

Tiered Speed Plan Price per Month
5 GHz MIMO Pricing
1Mbps / 200Kbps** $29.95*
2Mbps / 400Kbps** $34.95*
3Mbps / 800Kbps** $44.95*
5Mbps / 1200Kbps** $59.95*
7Mbps / 1500Kbps** $79.95*
10Mbps / 2.0M*** $99.95*
12Mbps / 2.4M*** $109.95*

All of our wireless accounts include e-mail if wanted.

* A $50.00 installation fee is required for all outdoor radios, which remain the property of Cactus International, Inc.  The installation includes antenna, wireless radio, cabling (up to 100 ft), POE adaptor, power supply, mounting equipment and professional installation.  The installation of computers and other hardware is not included and may be charged extra.

** Speeds listed are maximum; actual speed may vary.  For example, a wireless router in your home or office typically results in a 15% loss of speed.  These radios do bursting which means speed is not limited for the first approximately eight seconds after a pause in sending or receiving data; this may produce strange results on speed tests, occasionally showing 10Mbps, for instance, on a 5Mbps account.

*** 10M and 12M are not available on all access points.