Setting up Vista dialup

Installing your Cactus TurboNet dial-up connection and configuring your email on properly working computers will be done free of charge if you bring your computer into our store during normal working hours. A diagnostics fee may be charged if the computer is malfunctioning, and all repairs are extra.  We will also install your modem or network card, if used to access TurboNet, at no charge.

Creating a dial-up connection from your computer to TurboNet.

In Windows Vista, go to Start, Control Panel.  Switch to Classic View if necessary (if there are fewer than 20 icons showing).  Double-click Network and Sharing Center.   You'll want to Set up a ConnectionConnect to the Internet (click next), using a dial-up modem (next).  Enter the information below (substituting your real username for "myname"), along with your password.
  Moscow, Pullman, toll-free area Elsewhere in the US and Canada
Phone number:

Albion - 592-4020
Bovill - 826-4138
Cora - 668-0138
Deary - 877-2167
Elk River - 826-4138
Garrison - 872-5116
Genesee - 285-2116
Moscow - 874-4042
Potlatch - 875-2139
Pullman – 592-4020
Wellesley - 858-1138

find numbers at
Connection name: TurboNet TurboNet
Check Allow other people to use this connection, and then click Connect.  Note that if you don't click Connect, Vista will forget about all you've just done.

If you wish to have a Cactus TurboNet icon on your desktop after you connect for the first time, go back to Start, Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center.  On the left, click on Manage Icons.  Right-click on the Cactus TurboNet icon and tell it to create a shortcut.