Router Setup

Routers are a little tricky.  First you have to know what router you have.  Then you must log into the router.  This is normally started by opening your web browser (Internet Explorer for example), wiping out whatever is already in the Address line, and typing in the IP address of your router.  Below is a reference for many of the brands of routers out there.  If you can't find the model number either on the router or in the list below, try all the settings listed for the brand of router you have. 

If you can't log in, you may need to re-start your computer (with it plugged in to the router).  If it still doesn't work, check to make sure you don't have a static IP address in your computer - this must be removed.  If you still can't log in with the information below, call us and we will help you through figuring it out.

Brand Router Family Default IP Address Default Username Default Password
2-Wire not sure admin -
Apple Airport Run the Airport Utility
Asante FR3004 Series admin -
Ativa   leave blank
Belkin F5D5230-4 admin -
Other - -
WBR-1310 emulator

disabling UPnP

Various Newer Routers admin default
Various Older Routers blank for DI-614+ or 604
Air + Extreme G DI-624 admin blank
Dell 2350 Various admin admin
Gateway Various admin admin
Hawking PN9239 - password
H-BR49 - -
High Gain    
Intel AP1210
Wireless Gateway II admin admin
Linksys Various admin admin
blank/admin for BEFSR41
blank for WRT54G, BEFW11xx
root/admin for WRT54G v8
RT31P2 Vonage router admin admin
note:  MAC address on bottom is one less than actual MAC.
A few old models admin 1234
Most newer models admin password
MR814 cablemodem router admin password
, WGT-624 admin password
Netgear ADSL modem Various or 1.1 admin password
Network Everywhere Various - admin
Ruckus 2524 admin -
Ruckus 2825 admin password
Ruckus Metro (2211) admin password
Speedstream 6520 - -
TPlink emulator list
TL-WR740N admin admin
Trendnet admin admin
US Robotics At least one model admin -
UT Starcom WA3002-G4 admin utstar
Verizon GT704WG admin password
Versa Tech admin admin
Westell 327W admin password
Westell 6100 admin password
Westell 7500 See menu at left. admin password
Zoom ADSL X6 admin zoomadsl
Zytel P-660hw See menu at left.   1234

Once you have logged in, you will need to find where in the configuration screens the "WAN or "Internet Connection" settings are.  Once you have found it, set the connection type to static (if you have a static IP address) or PPPoE (if you have a username and password) and enter the information we gave you.  Then hit the button for "Save" or "Apply" or whatever sounds close.  Again, if you are having trouble, feel free to call us.

Turning your router into a wireless bridge

In situations where each login to the Internet gets exactly the same speed, if you use a router the conventional way, it counts as one login and the people using the router have to share the speed of a single login.  To get around this bottleneck, it is necessary for each person to login separately through the router.  This is done by turning the router into a wireless bridge.

To turn a router into a wireless bridge, log into the router and turn off the DHCP server found under the LAN (local area network) setting in the router.  Now move the cable that is plugged into the WAN or Internet jack on the back of the router to one of the (usually) four numbered jacks.  When you use a web browser, you should be asked to register your computer and your computer will get its own separate bandwidth; the router is no longer a limiting factor.