Setup procedure

Zytel P-660HW Wireless ADSL modem


default password:  1234

It asks you to change the password after logging in.

1.  Go to Wizard Setup

  • Mode:  Routing
  • Encapsulation:  PPPoE (Ethernet for a static IP)
  • (If it's a static IP, after entering it, go to Change Lan Configuration to enter DNS)
  • Multiplex:  LLC
  • VPI/VCI:  0/35 (automatically detected)
  • Next
  • Choose Nailed Up Connection (always-on) for PPPoE
  • Apply

2.  Wireless

  • Go back to Main Menu
  • Click Wireless LAN
  • 802.1x/WPA
  • Authentication Required
  • Enter pre-shared key
  • Apply

3. Click Wireless

  • Enter the SSID
  • randomly pick channels 1, 6 or 11
  • Apply

If you need to reset to factory defaults, it's under Maintenance, Firmware.