Westell 327W Static IP

The default router IP is

You may need to reset the modem to log in.  If so, hold the reset button until the power light turns red the second time. (About 10 seconds)

The default username is admin, and the default password is password, but they ship to us with the password admin.

If the DSL line is not connected, hit Cancel Detection and say yes to the dialog, the modem will reboot.

  1. Click on Home.
    • it will likely ask you to setup the username and password at this point.  You must do this and pick something other than the defaults.  At Cactus we use admin and cactus.
  2. Static IP Configuration
    1. Go to the Configuration menu and click Advanced WAN, then WAN
    2. Click on the top Edit button
    3. VCI 1 configuration protocol should be Bridge
    4. VCI 1 Bridge setting should be Mode:  Routed Bridge
    5. Enter the IP information
    6. Make sure the DHCP Client is disabled.
    7. Click the "Set VC" button.
  3. From the top menu pick Configuration -> Wireless -> Basic.
    1. Set the Network Name.
    2. Set the Channel to 1, 6, or 10. (Random choice)
    3. Click save and OK.
  4. From the top menu pick Configuration -> Wireless -> Security.
    1. Change Wireless Security to WPA-PSK.
    2. Set the WPA Shared Key.
    3. Hit save and OK.
  5. From the top menu pick Maintenance -> Remote Access.
    1. Set the Password.
    2. Check the 2 check boxes.
    3. Click Apply.
  6. If you didn't have to set the username and password in step one:
    1. Go to Maintenance -> Administrative Password
    2. Set administrator name:  admin
    3. Set Administrator password: cactus
    4. Click the Change button.
  7. Go to Maintenance -> Backup.  Click the Backup button.

If the modem is not a Verizon model, the VPI/VCI settings are changed through Configuration -> Advanced WAN -> WAN.  Call for help with these settings.

To set change this DSL modem to a static IP:

  1. In the Configuration menu, choose Advanced WAN, then WAN
  2. Click the first Edit button.
  3. Protocol -> bridge
  4. Mode -> routed bridge
  5. Save